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Circle LED touch lamp for the office, living room or bedroom

Circle LED touch lamp for the office, living room or bedroom

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The ideal desk lamp

The lighting in your home is rarely designed for office work. 

We are often forced to make do with what is not optimal in order to perform well at work. 

Indeed, we often find ourselves tired, without really knowing why, when the problem comes from the lighting. 

The Circle lamp solves this problem very simply. It is a smart design night light that offers you a soft LED light that does not damage your eyes.

Enjoy unparalleled comfort

DOTLIGHT Automatic lamp

Very practical and versatile, the Circle lamp was designed for your comfort. 

It can be placed on your desk or in other rooms in your house such as your bedside table or your living room table. 

Its touch control or remote control replaces the switch and allows you to create 3 different atmospheres: 

  • A warm, white light to comfort you,
  • Neutral light for working,
  • Soothing white light to relax you.

    A practical and discreet trendy look for your decor 

    Are you looking for a lamp to enhance your modern and minimalist decoration ? Look no further! 

    The Circle lamp is certainly the one you need with its round and discreet shape . Very stable and practical, you can place it temporarily or permanently in the place that suits you best. 

    Power type: USB powered

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