Éclairage tendance 2022

Trendy lighting 2022

The time for change has arrived, the boxes are packed, the truck is full, it's time to move. But, have you thought about the lighting for your future at home? Whether it's your very first home, the second, the fifth or the tenth, it is important to focus on optimizing the lighting in order to guarantee your well-being and comfort at home. We have some tips to share with you which we hope will allow you to create the perfect atmosphere for your interior. You will see, there is something for all styles and all wallets.

PART 1: Materials

Some trends are emerging, we explain everything to you about choosing the right materials for your decorative objects!

We all need comfort, and for that, choose warm materials like wood, wicker or natural fiber which will bring softness to your interior. Seagrass and canage are very appreciated at the start of 2022

Using a small touch, also add some gross cement very fashionable in the industrial look, or decorative elements in ceramic very trendy Ibiza!

And for even more softness, the curly wool , in an armchair or in a cushion, it appeals to everyone! It's soft, warm and cozy, perfect to start the year!

PART 2: Add color!

We've explained everything to you about the materials, but now, which colors to choose?

2022 will be a clever mix of pep and sweetness

Opt for touches of Blue green Or YELLOW to bring life to your decoration! Deep colors, not garish. And in a subtle touch, or in painting on a single wall, all in subtlety so that your decoration is sublimated.

If you prefer the softness of a cocoon, opt for beige, ecru, of terracotta or even sand . These neutral colors that adapt to all styles and all seasons.

For small budgets, opt for touches that will make the difference: a velvet blanket green , a pretty ceramic vase terracotta or a colorful cushion pastel if your style is Scandinavian.

PART 3: light up your interior!

You have your decorative elements with the right materials and the right colors. So now, how should you illuminate your interior in 2022?

In 2022, the lighting becomes discreet, and it is the bulb which then becomes a decorative element in its own right. Colored, XXL, with filaments, the bulb is available in so many options that you will inevitably find one that will blend perfectly with the rest of your decoration.

Vintage: Mix wood, metal, iron and taupe, beige and black colors to bring chic back to the lighting fixtures of the past. Add an LED filament bulb and welcome to a modern retro atmosphere.

If you don't have a ceiling light, or if you prefer a more subdued atmosphere, table lamps will be your best ally. In wood, fabric or concrete, they respect the codes of this year's trends. Opt for a warm white bulb to create this pleasant ambiance

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